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This site has been designed to address some of the main problems faced by those new to self-build and to allow you to find your ideal building plot.

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Why Self Build?

Why did approximately 25,000 people decide to self build last year? Here are some reasons why people buy a plot of land for self build:

  • Being able to build on exact plots for sale in the location of your choice
  • Being able to have a say in the design of the house to suit your lifestyle
  • Getting more for your money
  • Enjoying a sense of achievement from building your own home on plots for sale

Deciding to self build your home is an intimidating prospect. The increase in self build and home design TV programmes have also meant that competition for plots of land for the self builder is now greater than ever.

Average self build homes are four bedroom, detached houses, and although there are plenty of small starter homes and small retirement bungalows built by self-builders, there are just as many very large properties.

Invariably the budget for self build plots of land could be used to buy a smaller average house that is immediately available on the market. However, individual self-builders do not see their situations in this light". Time after time one is told that "this is the only way I can afford to self build", when the house that is being built will make the self-builder the best housed individual in his family.

The new home is an expression of an individual self builder, and it will be built to the very highest standards to which they can aspire. Self build is a practical goal for those with both energy and enthusiasm to do more than just dream, it is quite simply that self build can actually be made to happen. Self-build homes are for the ever-increasing numbers of people whose aspirations rise above the typical stereotype of everyday life.

In general, building plots are probably the largest single financial outlay in the construction of your own self build. Nothing else has the outright potential to influence the overall cost of your project, or in deciding whether or not you even proceed at all.

The value of suitable building land is currently close to 45% of the overall outlay of constructing your new home, in the South East and Home Counties it can invariably reach 50-60% and with the present market this figure is rising.

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